Koehler-Gibson Marking & Graphics
Flexographic Printing Plates

Koehler-Gibson manufactures flexographic printing plates for the Corrugated Box, Flexible Plastic Bag, and Folding Carton packaging printers in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  Our mission is to help our customers succeed by offering a high quality and versatile product selection, experienced on-site staff, and low cost solutions.

Wide Web Digital Plate Capabilities

  Sheet photopolymer solvent plate processors, up to 52 x 80
  Cyrel Fast plate processor, up to 42 x 60
  Digitally imaged plates using ESKO HD CDI up to 200 lpi
  ESKO graphics workflow and screening technologies
  Chromapro and Approval digital color proofing
  Beta Flex plate and color analysis


Corrugated Pacakging Plate Capabilities

  Two sheet polymer solvent plate processors, up to 52 x80
  Digitally imaged plates using ESKO CDI
  Cyrel and MacDermid sheet photopolymers for plates that

              improve press speeds and reduce the cost of plate

                               ownership for the corrugated converter.

  Digital print directly onto corrugated substrate for proofing



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FTP Site for Large Files

  Please use our FTP link to send us graphic files that are too large

  for e-mail.   Click on the following link, and your web browser will

  open the FTP page for sending your files:

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